Often times when I think about badass effortlessness I revert to Balmain spring 2010. Christophe Decarnin was nearing the end of his term at Balmain but he sure made it iconic. Plus the ripped up t shirt that carried a controversial price tag ($1,625) didn't hurt. 
This is my spring interpretation of this look (aka with a light jacket).

Natasha Poly at Balmain Spring 2010



Rabit : the grimy bae outta Houston makin' Texas look fine as hell


Soon to be mine....
But inverted colors from those pictured below
I'm really excited



What I'm feeling today - sheer shirts with sheer lacy bras. It's not as vulgar as it sounds, I promise. A layer of chiffon and lace is plenty enough to cover a nipple, even with flash photography (a friend and I took a really long hard look at an old NYE photo in which I wore exactly that and there's nothing to see). It's just something about being closer to nudity that's so refreshing and unAmerican.
I don't want to see any more camisoles or basic t-shirt bras under sheer shirts. Dressing like you're about to go to the office isn't very chic.


My flash sale babies are here! All mesh and fluorescent orangey pink ribbons.
I hope I don't get drunk and try to rip these off while my nipple ring is stuck in the mesh...

Cindy and Jaccinta sets



I'm still trying to figure out my spring uniform and I'm severely late. This is the time of year Dallas feels like the beaches along southern California for a split second before the roaring heat settles in. Well, actually I don't know, maybe it'll last forever like the winter did (fingers crossed).
For this spring I'm feeling easy and polished. This might be the most adult spring I've had yet, there's not a single cut off short in sight (the summer will be a whole different story).
I feel like the pink lip, lustrous chain and metallic flecked top are really balanced out by the boyfriend jeans, rolled sleeves and disheveled bun. Had this been paired with a skirt it would have changed the whole game.
I'm more of a casual girl anyway.



So there's the pink coat. I hate to be a fleeting trend, but fuck, it was 50% off. It's heavy enough for the frigid nights yet light enough for the tepid days, I've been needing a transitional coat for a while now and this one fits the bill.
I know there are plenty of other girls out there that have this exact coat, so it's definitely going to be problematic trying to stand out in such a recognizable number. I already knew I wanted to play with masculine shapes, since that's what makes the coat so good - a mannish silhouette in an ultra dainty color.
I tried a white Jil Sander button up with jeans, no. Just no. It's so basic, how do I amp it up? Digging, digging, digging... There we go. A Helmut collarless button up in sheer navy. That's kind of better...
And then it hit me. Remember Jennifer Lopez in that iconic Versace plunging palm tree dress? Who doesn't?
I unbuttoned my shirt - not as low as J.Lo's since I still got that winter bodied torso - right above my belly button. There are only two buttons in tact, this is a total nip slip situation but nothing a little double sided tape can't help.
Thank you Jennifer Lopez for helping me get dressed for tonight.

horrible cat




There's this spring 2013 Lanvin look that has resonated in my mind ever since I laid eyes on it.
I always come back to this outfit when I need something easy and understated but still ultra sleek and interesting. It says something when a look debuts over a year ago but still has impact. I've worn this outfit more than I'd like to admit (and also each piece separately on the blog), but at least you guys haven't seen it yet?
Thank you Alber for always being timeless.



You know, those fall looks sent down the runway that aren't exactly practical for winter? Yeah, those don't come into existence until spring for me because Dallas doesn't acknowledge fall as a season, just as a couple days after an agonizing summer and before the lurid winter kicks in. However it's not so bad when you bookmark said looks for inspiration when mother nature does allow it.
So it took me this long to get through winter and into my fall-saved-for-spring arsenal of photos.
I actually hadn't given my spring wardrobe much thought being that I was getting prepared for an ice age, but I recently received a gift of a supple leather Prada midi skirt that snapped me back into reality. It's kind of huge (a 42, and I usually wear a 34...) but it was far too charming to just re-gift. I kept it as a trophy piece for a while, I had not been able to belt the skirt since all my waist belts are from ages ago when I had a 22" waist. Sigh, alas I was feeling old and fat, until I was blessed with another gift, a vintage snakeskin belt my friend had gotten in soho when he was super skinny. People are just throwing their shit at me at this point.
I always bypass midi skirts since I see myself as a short legged stump, but this one is A lined yet slim so it didn't add weight the way I thought it would. So what better way to wear my first midi? Wrapped up in a package of Prada goodness.
Minus the wet hair since it's still chilly.



I can't hate on this, even though it's coming out of my ex's label...



When Agent Provocateur doesn't have the full set in your size... you gotta learn to compromise.
Thanks AP for never carrying 32a in anything I want -_-

Lonely Hearts Lux Cutout bra, Agent Provocateur Lacy Ouvert knicker



As much as I'd like to despise Paris with all my heart (fucked up ex boyfriends/Parisian men in general and shitty club/music scene equipped with masses of underaged girls) I have to say Paris is the only fashion week that turns out the glamor that I've been craving this whole month.


I'm having a moment and it's with knits with sleeves too long for their own good (as seen at Haider, Acne, Céline and probably a lot more). It's very contrasting paired with cropped/cuffed skinnies (a la Haider and Marant) and evokes a new form. Clearly, I want to embody the Haider woman, her comfortable boyish-yet-womanly charm. I like to think I'm partially there but it's difficult to ripen in a world where aesthetic is so dynamic.





By no means is this a YSL classic, Le Smoking. However, this is as close as I'll ever get. I'm usually not a blazer wearing kinda girl, and the blazers that I do have look more like moto jackets. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, the typical run of the mill blazer is just not my thing... Until I saw this Céline blazer in all it's lapel-less glory. 
Talk about sleek.
It's actually so sleek that paired with casual pieces, it suddenly becomes grown up and sophisticated. So sophisticated that I wore this to a wedding last week and felt overdressed.
But I gotta say it was a pretty casual wedding... So many bolo ties, cowboy hats and boots...