P.LOVE F.2011

i am absolutely in love with this collection. i'm predictable. sorry, y'all.
the presentation was just perfect. the white, flow-y dresses created a much better canvas for the jewelry than last season's black. ugh, and the pentagram earrings are my calling. they are so linear and geometric and just aggggghhhhhh!! i love love love the layering of the earrings. i don't have a second hole for such layering, buuut i do have super loose lobes from when i was ~stretched~ that could easily hold four of those suckers.
i desperately want to get my hands on a pair. d e s p e r a t e l y.
ugh and the hair! i have been thinking about dying bits of my hair navy for a while now and i think this just affirms that i will not look stupid or dated, at least not for another season...
also, i've been rocking proenza schouler ss2011 hair for the past week. it's my new obsession.
photos to come...

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