I've been living in these loose jeans, don't judge me. Also I've been trying to get more comfortable with daytime drag looks (in this case a light smoky eye and deep mauve to pale pink ombre lips) since I have an interview with MAC on Monday (!!!). My makeup hoarding is about to get waaaaay worse.



clockwise from top left: Club, Beautiful Iris, Motif, All That Glitters
Purples and Pinks for my spring palette. Club is a plum and green holographic shadow that looks fantastic as a sharp graphic cat eye. Beautiful Iris is a gorgeous sheer violet that looks amazing on its own, used as a highlighter, with a deep lip or paired with Motif, which is a peach and lavender holographic shadow that also looks great on its own or paired with a red lip. Last but not least, All That Glitters is the perfect versatile pinky silvery rose that literally can work its way into any look. I think it's great to have a little compact palette of all the colors that can work with any look. It's definitely easier than trying to shove my palette of 18 shadows in my bag for sure.



I've been on the market for an eye gloss ever since my discontinued Calvin Klein Clear Eye Gloss exploded for no apparent reason. I know I'll never be able to find a clear eye gloss that good again, seeing as my search throughout the internet merely brought me to MAC's Studio Eye Gloss, which comes in white, black, burgundy and champagne. They're fairly sheer, very glittery (the photo is a pretty clear indicator of that) and incredibly sticky, like my eyelid literally stuck to my brush and fingers as I was putting it on. Not to stress, that feeling eventually fades as it settles. It looks nice layered over a smoky eye to add depth and dimension or on its own for a sheer slick. Plus the glitter is actually not so noticeable once it's on, so it's not a full on drag type of situation. It definitely took a few tries to get the right look, but I've settled on layering it over eyeliner for a greasy lived in cat eye with a light wash of it over a bare lid.


There's something about a red lip and a white tee that really appeals to me for spring. It's dressed up, it's dressed down, it's the perfect equilibrium for pared down chic. That only means I need to wear baggy jeans and ultra ladylike shoes to match... and maybe a big ass ghetto chain necklace, just for safe measure.





NYX Wonder Stick in Light/Medium

Okay, so maybe something good came out of the Kardashian fame... that one good thing being the ever so growing popularity of conturing. I remember years ago making a big fuss about the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate. It still is an incredible product, but competition is budding up on the scene, everyone from Lancôme to NYX is catching up. The latter, weighing in at a whopping $12 (!!!), has been my answer to every day contouring without diving into an $80 compact just for a little definition to go to work. The application may seem harsh and jarring at first, but it blends seamlessly into the skin. The bronzer side is the perfect ashy tawny color to imitate shadows and the grind of the glitter in the highlighter is so tender and natural. At such a low price point and diverse color range there's really no reason not to try it just once.



I'm not a baker but these are the best vegan cookies ever. You can find the recipe here.



With April in full effect, comes April showers. April showers bring humidity, and with humidity comes hell bound frizzy hair. With the onset trend of "rich girl hair" (as The Cut calls it) shiny, smooth and soft are all vital to this look. MoroccanOil's Smoothing line has been transformative for people struggling with frizzy kinks. This stuff is no bullshit. Even just the Smoothing Lotion alone helps tremendously. Personally, I have to use purple shampoo so often times the smoothing shampoo and conditioner does not easily wedge its way into my routine, but when it does, I always opt to air dry. Frizz. Free.

*crazed happiness ensues*