I've been on the market for an eye gloss ever since my discontinued Calvin Klein Clear Eye Gloss exploded for no apparent reason. I know I'll never be able to find a clear eye gloss that good again, seeing as my search throughout the internet merely brought me to MAC's Studio Eye Gloss, which comes in white, black, burgundy and champagne. They're fairly sheer, very glittery (the photo is a pretty clear indicator of that) and incredibly sticky, like my eyelid literally stuck to my brush and fingers as I was putting it on. Not to stress, that feeling eventually fades as it settles. It looks nice layered over a smoky eye to add depth and dimension or on its own for a sheer slick. Plus the glitter is actually not so noticeable once it's on, so it's not a full on drag type of situation. It definitely took a few tries to get the right look, but I've settled on layering it over eyeliner for a greasy lived in cat eye with a light wash of it over a bare lid.

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