Aren't these Balenciaga Prefall '12 boots insane? They're like Louis Vuitton's fall '14 boots on acid. I've come to the conclusion that Ghesqueire's Balenciaga is equal to current Louis Vuitton, possibly even better and a hell of a lot more reasonably priced. Queue the never ending eBay watch list filled with Ghesquiere era Balenciaga... I'm not the only one, right?



Agent Provocateur Lacy Bra
A 1/4th cup bra with a spattering of lace on top... What's not to love? Oh yeah, the price tag -___-
Having an Agent Provocateur at the nearest mall is probably the best/worst thing for my life.



In honor of me driving down the street and slightly freaking out seeing Charlotte Tilbury's imported taxi next to me, here's some of my favorite looks from before she became a walking advertisement for her brand. Now, I'm not trying to knock her hustle, I was just a bit more appreciative when she's using products she actually believes in rather than whatever has her name on it. I'm sure her products are great but it's even better knowing what amazing concealers got her through the majority of her career.



My new favorite show. It's like if X Files fucked Death Note and this is their alien bastard child. Just ignore the awful dubstep and intro and it's kind of amazing.



Yohji FW15
I know I'm super late to this but you guys have no idea how intense pfw is for me, all my faves showing and trying to live my life at the same time. I might not do this next year.
Warning: Insanely Photo Heavy. Because there was too much to love.


Benefit Fake Up, Retin-A smuggled from Mexico, Nature's Plus Pure Vitamin E Oil

We all know Retin-A is good for your skin, and all around the internet the cry is heard about how it's turning people's skin red and flaky (just look at Wayne Goss's instagram post). Yes, that is a side effect and it really is a horror to be dealt with until your skin becomes used to it. Honestly it still happens to me, albeit not quite as bad, and I just downgraded with the 0.05% formula from a 0.1% formula. It's aggravating for sure but it can be strategically avoided, simply with a light scrub from a konjac sponge, pure vitamin e oil and an emollient concealer. I swear Benefit's Fake Up was made for Retin-A users, although the color range is pitiful.
Are any of my readers Retin-A users? Let me know how you deal with side effects in the comments!


Consider my foot stuck in the seventies bandwagon. I almost thought that a suede mini skirt and lace up sandals would be teetering into sheer seventies insanity but it just goes to show that everything works better together in dark neutral tones. Sorry marsala, not this time.



The name on everyones lips come fashion week, Nicolas Ghesquiere. He's a trend setter and it's always been that way, that's why everyone and their mom are hopping on the 70s style bandwagon. Personally it's not "me" but regardless I think there are plenty of ways that everyone can throw some groovy injections into their spring wardrobe and still be 100% true to their personal style. Really you'd only need to pick one piece and go with it.

Below are some of my affordable 70s inspired picks for people who aren't ready to fully commit to spending thousands on actual Louis Vuitton





The hero piece of the season (aka burnt sienna suede) has been sitting in my closet untouched for two years. Goes to show that you should reconsider selling things you haven't worn in ages... *queue Hoarders intro*



Thigh highs and mini skirts, the combination of the season.


Fendi FW15

Milan, where I end up embracing burnt sienna.



Imaan Hammam for Pop Magazine Fall 13/14
I've been drawing more than posting outfits. In my defense it's really disgusting outside.