Yohji FW15
I know I'm super late to this but you guys have no idea how intense pfw is for me, all my faves showing and trying to live my life at the same time. I might not do this next year.
Warning: Insanely Photo Heavy. Because there was too much to love.

The man is a living legend for a reason. He continuously out does himself every season at his mainline and Y'S as well. His draping, suiting and avant garde structuring are to be beat. And I've been watching his "Talking To Myself" book on eBay albeit being $5,000. If I had the funds, it'd be totally mine.

When Galliano is at Margiela making a gaudy goods, Vetements will fulfill my Margiela-esque needs. But not all of them. Perhaps that's the issue, they're reading very thrift store budget avant garde to me. With a brand like this, with this many people at the helm, shouldn't there be a little more to it than some really great coats and average blue jeans?

What is there to be said about Haider? He hasn't been around quite as long as others have been and his style is immediately identifiable in a hoard of designers copying each other. I think that's the biggest feat. Sure, he's comparable to the likes of Yohji, Rick, and Ann, but he's still got his distinct individuality.

The same is to be said about Yohji and Rei applies to Junya. These Japanese designers are all so technical, creative and their craftsmanship is simply to die for. This applies to Junya in all aspects. Her specialties this (and most) season being crisp button ups and reinvented moto jackets.

I don't know, a lot of this collection was gutter trash. Having said that, Hedi's suiting never goes wrong. And that one mini dress with the whole chest cut out is kind of right up my slutty club rat alley.

Phoebe Philo, the queen of minimalism and swoon worthy accessories. She put a new spin on the ever so practical cross body bags through a body harness style and adorned a simple string with oversized fur balls for extra drama.

Raf Simons makes me want to buy latex stockings to wear with my Margiela boots. It's just so cool. Now if only I could get a hold of one of those mesh pieces...

Alber's work undeniably all looks the same. Is that a bad thing? I don't know, maybe it isn't. All I know is those leather harnesses are amazing.

I wasn't really at all interested in Prada this season. Muicca has kind of played it safe at both Miu Miu and Prada, but for whatever reason she used all the luxurious bones in her body for Miu Miu. Python coats and crocodile mini skirts are about as bougie as it gets.

I have a new found love for Rick after reading an insane interview with him that ended in horse tail butt plugs. It kind of pulled everything together about Rick for me, the male genitalia and clothing that looked like uncircumcised penises. It's all in good fun with him and I really enjoy that. This season was less about genitalia and more about just what Rick does best, but with calf hair.

Nicolas Ghesquiere is a trend setter. I've said that so many times already. From the collection he presented, he seems to be getting more comfortable in his skin at LV. I saw a lot of his Balenciaga in this collection and that's what I had been patiently waiting for. It's only going to get better, guys. Are you as excited as I am??

This took me weeks to compile and theres so much more that I like and I just do not have the energy for *dies*

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