Benefit Fake Up, Retin-A smuggled from Mexico, Nature's Plus Pure Vitamin E Oil

We all know Retin-A is good for your skin, and all around the internet the cry is heard about how it's turning people's skin red and flaky (just look at Wayne Goss's instagram post). Yes, that is a side effect and it really is a horror to be dealt with until your skin becomes used to it. Honestly it still happens to me, albeit not quite as bad, and I just downgraded with the 0.05% formula from a 0.1% formula. It's aggravating for sure but it can be strategically avoided, simply with a light scrub from a konjac sponge, pure vitamin e oil and an emollient concealer. I swear Benefit's Fake Up was made for Retin-A users, although the color range is pitiful.
Are any of my readers Retin-A users? Let me know how you deal with side effects in the comments!

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