cosmetology school is dope. i get my nails done whenever i want fo free.



i went to bed at 3am and woke up at 6am
maybe it was the tequila
but then i went lingerie shopping
why? i don't know. i have no one to show this off to.
so i'll show it to y'all!!!!! ~how romantic~
this is probably definitely the most frilly shit i own now. BLOOMERS.
i can't afford agent provocateur :(
still hating myself for not buying the leather cupless bra. but then again it was $300 for a third of a bra.

PS. that feature in the below post? my style icon is not magdalena frackowiack, they asked me who's hair i liked and put that as my style icon answer because they were so frustrated that i didn't have a style icon. ain't that a bitch.



so i went to nyc for like a month and didn't have purple shampoo with me...
so i ended up looking like this
aka a super sayan (sp? i don't watch dragon ball z) that got a relaxer

this is really horrible. the photographer was like "SMILE" and it was really uncomfortable but whatever it's nice that they wanted to feature me on their blog

dries van noten shirt, rag and bone legging jeans, alexander wang booties
essie lapis of luxury on my hands and opi a good mandarin is hard to find on my toes 



my friend said my nails look like watermelons
they kinda do but the rind is teal and the flesh is magenta.. and the part between the rind and the flesh is silver
i've been into short stiletto nails lately. and also acrylics, as you can tell by the growth in the photo. my old room mate was like "acrylics are better" and for some part she was right (functionality-wise) but for your natural nails they're horrible :(
mine are worse than paper thin.. i'll probably have to give it a rest after this and hit the biotin... which i always forget to take!!!!!



i've become a beauty enthusiast lately, so instead of buying heaps of clothing (reduced to a handful), i invest in ridiculous amounts of cosmetics...



another gif from the one and only, ignacio torres ^_^
christopher kane x topshop bodysuit, proenza schouler skirt, givenchy boots

follow him and i on tumblr and see all his work and my inspirations!



h&m shorts
its summer time, my friends have black light parties often (@trackmeetdamnd) and i'm trying to not commit carbocide before the next party. it's gonna be difficult. but these shorts are so very good. they have a black-grey melange one as well which i might get.. and i have some alexander wang sandals on the way! just ordered them about an hour ago ^_^
i don't care if he uses sweat shops, WHO DOESN'T LBR!!!!



i got back from new york a week ago.
up until today i forgot that i had a blog.
do you guys care anymore? i don't think i do..

here's a bunch of instagram pictures of my trip before i left my phone in a cab.. and started using instagram on an ipad.
life is hard.. ish.



another one from the shoot with fabian



blue givenchy boots, red lanvin pumps, black python giuseppe zanotti boots, silver alexander wang booties.

 had a shoot with fabian guerrero on tuesday. this is my mess of shoes.. i make a mess at every shoot i do.



my grey and seafoam french manicure
my nails aren't as healthy as i'd like them to be, therefore they are short and uneven. time to hit the biotin.



here's a few screen shots from a music video that i'm shooting with a few of my favorite people in the universe, for a band from austin called boyfriend.



something looks awfully familiar here..

i'm in elle, in print this time!
happy valentines day.