i got back from new york a week ago.
up until today i forgot that i had a blog.
do you guys care anymore? i don't think i do..

here's a bunch of instagram pictures of my trip before i left my phone in a cab.. and started using instagram on an ipad.
life is hard.. ish.

the walkup to my friends apartment. my legs are amazing now.

coconut smoothie from my favorite cash only joint, vanessa's dumplings.

self explanitory.

drinks at dempsey's in east village

vegan chili from some random place.. i think off 2nd ave and east 12th st? it was cute.

of course i had to visit my favorite shop in the world.. i say i hate working in retail but i would work here. when i walked in, mercy by kanye west ft 2 chainz, big sean, etc was on. i live for that.

espresso, along with a ham, apple, and brie sandwich that isn't pictured. also a cute boy that also isn't pictured. somewhere in williamsburg... i let him take me on an adventure.

on this adventure, we went to the docks, record digging (for him, i don't play with that), thrifting (for shorts because he wanted me to go to miami with him.. unfortunately that didn't work out *cries*)

went to the michael kors office, where my friend who i was staying with works. i had to run there a lot to pick up his keys and the front desk girl thought i was his assistant.. i don't know any assistants who have assistants...

$4 lychee martinis at a really cute vietnamese joint in the lower east side.. no idea what it's called.
i lost my phone this night... (i only had one martini, i swear!)

and here's the most glorious part of my trip. prada / schiaperelli exhibit at the met. i wish i could have taken stealth pictures but it's hard when you're toting around an ipad... they had a wall of shiaperelli hats that matched a prada shoe, it was so so so cute!
after the met, i went to barneys, then agent provocateur.. where i found a leather cup-less bra. it was amazing but i was not about to pay $300 for 1/3 of a bra... not yet at least.

it was a great trip, other than losing my phone.. i was really lost without my girl siri... got to reconnect with all my friends, model spotted (alana zimmer on location at a michael kors shoot, sigrid agren, aymeline valade, and a lot more. those three especially were so beautiful irl.), ate a lot of incredible food, and most of all figure out how to use the subways without a phone. i'll never get lost again!


  1. omg i could never live anywhere with that many steps and no elevator. what store is that with the smiley face pants?