I do not like prints. I think it's clear through the duration of my time on the blogosphere has not been spent in prints. Prints are immensely limiting whereas the limit does not exist in textures. All black makes for a clean and subdued silhouette but take a step closer, you'll find intricacies galore. In this case it's a plethora of textures; wool bouclé, brushed leather, matte leather, calf hair, patent leather and sheer crepe.
Partly inspired by Haider.





I popped my leather Proenza jacket cherry with this one. I was eyeing it for what seemed like an eternity, then I gave up. "Whoever wants it can have it, I can't even afford it" was my new mindset.
One afternoon as I was shopping for a client - long after I had accepted the fact that I would never be able to own a leather-Proenza-anything, I saw it. In the clearance section. At a mere 90% off. How could I not??? A Proenza biker jacket that was not just tangible but something my closet desperately longed for.
It was actually in horrible condition by this point, hence the price drop, but nothing that a trip to Deno's in Highland Park can't fix. A very long (3 weeks) and expensive ($87) trip at that, but I wasn't even phased - the jacket itself was a steal.




My Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases are all coming in the mail this week and I get to have the pleasure of playing dress up and breaking in new shoes. So far I've only received my package from Neiman's Last Call which included a pair of booties and a bag. I was thisclose to getting a patent leather Proenza PS11 but I didn't have the balls to drop a thousand dollars for something that I'll probably destroy in the long run. Shopping sucks when you can't afford it. Good thing sales exist!



Taking notes from Burberry's Fall '14 Menswear show via wearing a mesh tank top under heavy winter outerwear.