MAC Cosmetics Conceal and Correct Palette in Light and Medium
I recently grabbed these palettes for a client who came to me for wedding makeup. I was planning on returning the palette that didn't match my client but it really exceeded my expectations so I decided to keep them both... because I'm a makeup hoarder.
The colors inside the pan look much darker than they do out of the pan. The light shade (at the top of the photo) matched my NC15-20 client flawlessly and instantly brought a fresh and natural looking glow to her face. As for me, being between NC25-30 the medium palette works perfectly. There's a very deep tone on the middle right side that is most definitely way too dark for me but I can see it maybe coming in handy for people that like to go tanning.
So, last night I put the 8 hour wear claim through the ultimate test. From 12am-6am I went to an oddly juvenile and poorly ventilated house party with what sounded like a Weezer cover band, a club that was formerly the great Mink for a strange hip hop cover band (what's with these cover bands?), an empty art gallery with a handful of giggling dorks with a frog and 5 different after hours Korean karaoke bars (one of them was filled with really amazingly dressed Korean babes that looked like they belonged in kpop bands). At the end of the insanity, I went home with a pretty damn perfect looking mug. I looked almost like I did when I left the house 6 hours ago with some inevitable oiliness. Damn you, oily dehydrated skin!!
All in all I'd recommend this to everyone who's looking for a concealer, even if you're not looking for a palette. It's just that good.



Tom Ford Fall '15 Lipstick in So Vain 
Say hi to my new favorite lipstick, Tom Ford's So Vain. The color is a really naturally unnatural looking rose-y mauve with a light golden sheen. There is something that has to be said about this lipstick, and it's the fact that there are giant flecks of glitter in it. Like, huge, to the point that I can actually feel the particles when I swipe it on from the bullet. I usually hate big particles of glitter but in this case it looks really subtle on the lips, which is Tom's favorite look judging from the Black Sugar nail lacquer that seems to have really pretty red glitter in the bottle but looks exactly like OPI You Don't Know Jacques - which is one solid color (I swatched them side by side and instantly got pissed off). However, the glitter reveals itself in a major way when the lipstick is wiped off, it leaves a gold flecked pout that actually looks quite chic rather than tacky in a 90s glitter gloss way. Matte lips have been in all summer so it only makes sense that glossy and shimmery lips will be making their way back soon.


Tom Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick // Helmut Lang Muscle Tee
Let's talk about clip in hair extensions! It's so fun to play around with long hair, especially without the damage microbead and glue extensions can cause.
I received some really nice quality human hair 18" platinum blonde ones (c/o Irresistible Me) that I toned to match my hair perfectly (not recommended for non professionals). They came wrapped in a sleek black package with replacement clips and a test extension so that you wouldn't have to unravel the whole set in case you were feeling unsure. It's a really clever idea actually, especially for people who have to tone or lift their extensions to match. In my case, having being lightened for 4ish years, my hair is very porous and tends to take toner unevenly without a filler. Knowing this and diving into toning the extensions, I found the hair to be quite healthy and took the toner smoothly. The weight of the clip ins are pretty spot on as well, they blend with my slightly grown out shoulder length (as you can see in my previous ootd posts and on instagram) lob seamlessly.
Plenty of people straighten their clip ins so they blend well but it's not my style so I opted for a messy look, which is more in tune with my DNA as well as the clip ins since they've got a really beautiful natural wave. Now I can reach my final form, which is something between Paako and Tokiko... not like there's really a difference between the two...



I'm going through this jpop thing and it's fine.
I've been really busy lately but I'll start posting regularly soon! I just bought some flatform Prada ss13 sandals from the RealReal and thigh high tabi socks for my birthday so....



clockwise from top: the New DiorShow Mascara, DiorSkin Nude Air Serum Foundation, DiorAddict Lip Glow

Some summer upgrades!
The new DiorShow formula pretty good so far. The old formula made my eyes obnoxiously dry but I kept coming back because it's the only mascara that helps my pin straight (ugh) lashes hold a curl. Apparently the tube has been altered to push less air into the bottle when you return the wand, which leads to less drying of the product (a major complaint of mine and many others) as well as dispense less product. I'm not so excited about dispensing less product, I'm sure it was the result of lessening air entry that affected the wiper but it's dispensing less than I'd like. Now the look is more defined rather than bulked up which is not what most users are used to with the old DiorShow. It's comparable to MAC's Haute & Naughty mascara in the way that it's the same brush that has two different wipers for completely different results. Perhaps it could have been thought out a little better.
DiorSkin Nude Air is my first foray into serum foundations. I'm loving it so far, it actually does feel like air, looks insanely natural and has a slightly buildable coverage. Shade 21 with MAC Pro Long Wear concealer in NC25 is a perfect match. I haven't been this satisfied with a foundation since I found Boots Beautifully Matte a few years ago. 
I'm on my third tube of DiorAddict Lip Glow. Nuff said.



I know I've been MIA lately, but that'll change eventually. Until then I'll leave you with these. Say hi to my new addition, Rei! As I suspected, it's extremely dangerous working next door to Agent Provocateur/letting the sales girls have my phone number. But the ribbons are the same color as my Cindy and Jaccinta sets so it's like I've got one happy ultra bright family.



I don't usually like vampire flicks and the first episode gives off insanely gross pedophile vibes (not so much in the manga though) but this is the best show on television rn. Plus I really want to dress like Mika. Give me a long white hooded cape and thigh high boots, okay!



Easing myself into all white looks for spring. I've always been a fairly monochromatic girl so this only makes sense, however I do like to eat so it doesn't make sense because I've already spilled hot cheeto dust all over myself. I know, classy.