Kind of a Vetements vibe again. I was looking for a trench coat through all the online sales, fruitfully trying to uncover a magnificent trench at 90% off, well that was until my boyfriend started dragging stuff out of the downstairs closet and uncovered this monster of a trench. How naive of me to not check all the closets after I gave myself this whole lecture about checking other closets. The downstairs closet is technically my dads closet but he moved away a while ago and said I could raid it.. Which is how I got my hands on the Gucci leather moto vest a while back (it pays off to have a well dressed petite dad sometimes). I think it looks better on me anyway. 



 I've literally been wearing nothing but this sweater with different variations of bottoms and boots. Sorry.



In celebration of the last day of 2015, I found a fabulous spider vein crawling up my calf. It's begun. I'm now that old lady with spider veins all over her legs and has to wear nude stockings to cover them up... blegh. Amidst my crisis, I yanked out my favorite sweater + mini skirt and only pair of knee high boots to bask in a soft goth loli look until I forget about it.
I guess I forgot about a lot more than my spider veins since I fell asleep at 9pm while watching RAINBOW 二舎六房の七人 and crying my eyes out, woke up at 4am to 100 texts asking where the hell I was.
God, I really am an old hag.


食戟のソーマ ED01

I was watching the Gintama Jump Festa special and the Shokugeki no Soma parody was possibly the best thing ever so I took a break from Initial D, rewatched SnS for the 3rd or 4th time, drew this (aka the cutest ED to ever exist) while blasting the SnS OST and made Joichiro's Special Rich Ramen. Now I'm putting sake and soy sauce on everything.



My latest scribble of one of my favorite faces. Currently working on a Lee Soo Hyuk one (๑♡‿♡๑). It'd probably be appropriate to call this an azn babes series.


When you have a really modern minimalist menorah from the MoMA in your house for whatever reason but you're Buddhist and your boyfriend's religion is something with weed that's not Rastafarian so you use them for minimalist looking potpourri instead



tfw the NIB Maison Martin Margiela sock boots you've been watching on eBay forever gets reduced by $100 (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。
This is my PSA for unpacking your seasonal closet in time for winter. I went to NYC over Halloween and was not at all ready for the cold. My luggage made no sense. Baby pink pleather Junya Watanabe shorts? It's not going to be that cold, is it? "It's fine I'll be fine" (definitely wasn't fine). It wasn't until after I came home and unloaded my winter closet did I realize I had my winter uniform right in front of me. A large component of that being my favorite shitty $3.50 mens XXL sweater. But then I got to thinking... Is this too Vetements? Which is stupid because I've been wearing this sweater for before Vetements was a thing - which is also fine since Vetements is a lil cute - which is fucked up because it's actually not that cute, it just looks slightly better than the rest of the bullshit out there.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



MAC Cosmetics Conceal and Correct Palette in Light and Medium
I recently grabbed these palettes for a client who came to me for wedding makeup. I was planning on returning the palette that didn't match my client but it really exceeded my expectations so I decided to keep them both... because I'm a makeup hoarder.
The colors inside the pan look much darker than they do out of the pan. The light shade (at the top of the photo) matched my NC15-20 client flawlessly and instantly brought a fresh and natural looking glow to her face. As for me, being between NC25-30 the medium palette works perfectly. There's a very deep tone on the middle right side that is most definitely way too dark for me but I can see it maybe coming in handy for people that like to go tanning.
So, last night I put the 8 hour wear claim through the ultimate test. From 12am-6am I went to an oddly juvenile and poorly ventilated house party with what sounded like a Weezer cover band, a club that was formerly the great Mink for a strange hip hop cover band (what's with these cover bands?), an empty art gallery with a handful of giggling dorks with a frog and 5 different after hours Korean karaoke bars (one of them was filled with really amazingly dressed Korean babes that looked like they belonged in kpop bands). At the end of the insanity, I went home with a pretty damn perfect looking mug. I looked almost like I did when I left the house 6 hours ago with some inevitable oiliness. Damn you, oily dehydrated skin!!
All in all I'd recommend this to everyone who's looking for a concealer, even if you're not looking for a palette. It's just that good.



Tom Ford Fall '15 Lipstick in So Vain 
Say hi to my new favorite lipstick, Tom Ford's So Vain. The color is a really naturally unnatural looking rose-y mauve with a light golden sheen. There is something that has to be said about this lipstick, and it's the fact that there are giant flecks of glitter in it. Like, huge, to the point that I can actually feel the particles when I swipe it on from the bullet. I usually hate big particles of glitter but in this case it looks really subtle on the lips, which is Tom's favorite look judging from the Black Sugar nail lacquer that seems to have really pretty red glitter in the bottle but looks exactly like OPI You Don't Know Jacques - which is one solid color (I swatched them side by side and instantly got pissed off). However, the glitter reveals itself in a major way when the lipstick is wiped off, it leaves a gold flecked pout that actually looks quite chic rather than tacky in a 90s glitter gloss way. Matte lips have been in all summer so it only makes sense that glossy and shimmery lips will be making their way back soon.