I. Love. Ribbed. Knits. Seriously, there's nothing in the world better/cozier than a chunky ribbed knit. Before the trend exploded on the fall runways, I was always in the mens section hoarding gargantuan sweaters - the bigger the better. But what's even better than a ribbed knit is.... TWO ribbed knits, obviously. I love the heavy textures against the fluidity of the chiffon shorts and sheer tights. 


Nothing is better than avocado toast with an egg on top and a glass of almond matcha milk. In bed.



say hi to my really gross spider veins

This outfit is so awkwardly monochromatic but it's really the silhouette that I'm after. Everything is a bit structured but disheveled. The tee is ridiculously crinkly yet has a solid shape, as do the pants, and the shoes and bag are sharp and angular.
I've realized since I (almost) reluctantly bought these Helmut pants they've wedged their way into my rotation of favorites. I've worn them so much that I've already ripped the seam in the knee.
I wholeheartedly believe that everyone needs to own a pair of baggy leather trousers at least sometime in their lifetime, it'll change your life! I swear! It'll let your thigh hairs grow in an outwards direction! It'll make you feel less shitty when you go out to dinner and eat the entire menu! Can you tell I'm really excited?! 
My friends probably think I don't own any other pairs of pants anymore, but I'm okay with that.


A little architectural inspiration with my morning matcha milk

La Muralla Roja, apartment buildings, Alicante, Spain by Ricardo Bofill (1973) // Same Below



Helmut Lang Chiffon Layered Shorts & Bunny Pop Bag c/o Le Bunny Bleu

Thanks to the good people over at Le Bunny Bleu for this fun studded bag!




This Ann Demeulemeester robe has served me very well throughout the years. It's got buttons all up and down it so it's a really transformative piece. I was playing with draping on this robe and I came up with this asymmetric skirt/cowl neck top shape. Asymmetric skirts are all the rage right now (obviously look at you, Anthony Vaccarello) which I'm not mad at. It's flattering and sexy without being too ouvert, what's not to love?



As of right now I'm reeeeaaaaally into this Ann Demeulemeester top, if you can call it that... My boyfriend said it looks like a giant g string which is actually a pretty accurate description. But shit, I get so many Haider ss11 vibes from it so it's basically flawless. It only made sense to stay within the Haider vein with this top, so say hi to my favorite outfit as of late: this Ann D g string tank, baggy leather Helmut trousers, Rick Owens boots and my stringiest little La Perla bra that my friend also compared to a g string. Horray to articles of clothing that look like g strings but aren't actually wedged in your ass!



Spring 2015 brought an onslaught of platform heeled eye candy. Who doesn't like platforms? I'm going to go ahead and profess my love for the once fleeting trend. Platforms, first and foremost, are the only reason that comfortable 6 inch heels exist. They are empowering, I know this because the minute I slip on these gargantuan platforms I feel like I can conquer the world while simultaneously being really really ridiculously good looking. Not to mention when paired with leather pants (even if they do make your butt look weird).