As of right now I'm reeeeaaaaally into this Ann Demeulemeester top, if you can call it that... My boyfriend said it looks like a giant g string which is actually a pretty accurate description. But shit, I get so many Haider ss11 vibes from it so it's basically flawless. It only made sense to stay within the Haider vein with this top, so say hi to my favorite outfit as of late: this Ann D g string tank, baggy leather Helmut trousers, Rick Owens boots and my stringiest little La Perla bra that my friend also compared to a g string. Horray to articles of clothing that look like g strings but aren't actually wedged in your ass!



Spring 2015 brought an onslaught of platform heeled eye candy. Who doesn't like platforms? I'm going to go ahead and profess my love for the once fleeting trend. Platforms, first and foremost, are the only reason that comfortable 6 inch heels exist. They are empowering, I know this because the minute I slip on these gargantuan platforms I feel like I can conquer the world while simultaneously being really really ridiculously good looking. Not to mention when paired with leather pants (even if they do make your butt look weird).





Today, I'm being domestic and watching this iconic movie

Every time I see Owen Wilson I literally cackle because my (newly, at the time) ex saw me at the club with him and had a huge freak out melt down and his girlfriend tried to sit with us but Owen got his body guard to kick her out.
Literally Mean Girls "you can't sit with us" style. Still cackling.


Some of my things for sale.. You can find them under the "SHOP" tab as well.


Once I take care of all of life's bullshit I'm going to get this bag.
It's a total Givenchy Pandora Box knock off but hey, it's still beautiful and the price tag only sweetens the deal.

Photo Credit COS


Hi I've been really slow at posting shows oops

Anthony Varcello SS15

Céline SS15

Versus SS15

//Photo Credit StyleBistro



Everyone needs a one shouldered top/dress. It's sophisticated enough for whatever conservative people do yet sexy enough for the club or a date. Since one of my friends has held my one shouldered American Apparel dress captive for the past several years I had to move on. I want to say that this one shouldered Margiela top is much better than any American Apparel item of clothing. 



Taking advantage of the few days of cold to bust out my new bb, this Acne Studios Eve coat. 

During Dallas's last cold front, I took the liberty of moving (almost) all my summer clothes into my storage closet and bringing out my winter clothes. Oh, how I've missed my winter clothes! I damn near forgot what I had so it was like vintage shopping through my own wardrobe.
As I'm putting up my coats, I realize that I don't own a black coat.
Seriously? Something so basic, something that every clothes hoarder should have at least one of and I don't have one. Clearly something is seriously wrong with this picture.
This then sparks hours of ignoring my boyfriend and online shopping. It wasn't even coat appropriate weather yet but I had to be prepared for whatever Dallas's psychopathic weather had to bring. 
Then, just in time for 50ºF weather, my coat gets delivered (although there was a lot of UPS drama involved). It's even more perfect than the photos showed, and the fit is oversized-ly perfect. I can have my chunky knit sweaters underneath and be able to still move my arms, unlike the other Acne coat I have... *side eye*