MAC Cosmetics Conceal and Correct Palette in Light and Medium
I recently grabbed these palettes for a client who came to me for wedding makeup. I was planning on returning the palette that didn't match my client but it really exceeded my expectations so I decided to keep them both... because I'm a makeup hoarder.
The colors inside the pan look much darker than they do out of the pan. The light shade (at the top of the photo) matched my NC15-20 client flawlessly and instantly brought a fresh and natural looking glow to her face. As for me, being between NC25-30 the medium palette works perfectly. There's a very deep tone on the middle right side that is most definitely way too dark for me but I can see it maybe coming in handy for people that like to go tanning.
So, last night I put the 8 hour wear claim through the ultimate test. From 12am-6am I went to an oddly juvenile and poorly ventilated house party with what sounded like a Weezer cover band, a club that was formerly the great Mink for a strange hip hop cover band (what's with these cover bands?), an empty art gallery with a handful of giggling dorks with a frog and 5 different after hours Korean karaoke bars (one of them was filled with really amazingly dressed Korean babes that looked like they belonged in kpop bands). At the end of the insanity, I went home with a pretty damn perfect looking mug. I looked almost like I did when I left the house 6 hours ago with some inevitable oiliness. Damn you, oily dehydrated skin!!
All in all I'd recommend this to everyone who's looking for a concealer, even if you're not looking for a palette. It's just that good.

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  1. I like it!