In celebration of the last day of 2015, I found a fabulous spider vein crawling up my calf. It's begun. I'm now that old lady with spider veins all over her legs and has to wear nude stockings to cover them up... blegh. Amidst my crisis, I yanked out my favorite sweater + mini skirt and only pair of knee high boots to bask in a soft goth loli look until I forget about it.
I guess I forgot about a lot more than my spider veins since I fell asleep at 9pm while watching RAINBOW 二舎六房の七人 and crying my eyes out, woke up at 4am to 100 texts asking where the hell I was.
God, I really am an old hag.

American Standard Mens Thrifted Sweater
Mango Suede Zip Mini Skirt
Neiman Marcus Neoprene and Patent Leather Boots
Kate Spade Saturday Pebbled Bucket Backpack


  1. Oh em gee, that was a relief! I initially thought a spider crawled up your leg! You're not an old hag, you're a cutie ;)

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    1. Ahh that'd be so scary! Also you're so sweet, thanks 💖

  2. Black is very beautiful color,and i hope that i can have this one sweater!

    1. It's just an old men's xxl sweater from the thrift store, I'm sure you would have no trouble finding one of your own!