i've become a beauty enthusiast lately, so instead of buying heaps of clothing (reduced to a handful), i invest in ridiculous amounts of cosmetics...
some days i love it and some days i don't, but i don't ever hate it. this primer comes to be either a liquid or a creme. when its acting more like a liquid it's amazing. when it's a creme it's not as great but still pretty good. it's super soft and i like the spf.

simply the best. i have a really weird skin tone, it's not very olive but it's not very pink but it's not very sandy/honey... so it's a shit show when it comes to finding foundation. i'm seasonally a 6 or 7 in this ysl (i got 7 for summer). i love it so very much. it's pinky-beigey and it only takes 2 pumps to cover your face and pretty build-able. it doesn't budge either! i'll dance and sweat and have disgusting people touch my face at the club and i still have my face on by the time i get to whatever horrible late night restaurant  my drunk body takes me to.


this kept popping up on ITG and i had to give it a try. i have oily skin so i don't need a heavy moisturizer but this is really nice to put on the eyes and cheekbones. i put it all over my face, and i mean ALL OVER, when i go to bed (along with some tea tree and lavender oil) and wake up all plumped up and smooth!

my favorite highlighter and bronzer. sometimes i put the bronzer all over my cheekbones and skip blush..

g spot for day, orgasm for night (since its so sparkly)

i don't particularly have a reason for using this, it's a good price and good quality. i also use their mineral powder as foundation during the day in the summer since its breathable.

the different settings are perfect for days my skin is more or less sensitive. the cleansers that come with are okay, but i use sebamed. it's ph balanced, which i think is nice for my skin.

this stuff is for real. i have the rue saint-honor (navy) and sometimes i'll top it with some outremer to make it really pop. blue eyeliner looks much nicer in the summer with my blonde hair.

the perfect nude lip to top off that blue eye! 

happy face painting!

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