i went to bed at 3am and woke up at 6am
maybe it was the tequila
but then i went lingerie shopping
why? i don't know. i have no one to show this off to.
so i'll show it to y'all!!!!! ~how romantic~
this is probably definitely the most frilly shit i own now. BLOOMERS.
i can't afford agent provocateur :(
still hating myself for not buying the leather cupless bra. but then again it was $300 for a third of a bra.

PS. that feature in the below post? my style icon is not magdalena frackowiack, they asked me who's hair i liked and put that as my style icon answer because they were so frustrated that i didn't have a style icon. ain't that a bitch.

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  1. well, you've bought some really nice pieces :)