so today, i told my tom ford beauty rep that getting the shade and illuminate compact was the best decision of my life. he said of course. duh. i said i need a pick me up. he said lets go for a nude lip!
he reaches for the sable smoke lipstick, the shit breaks right off as he's trying to clean it. he applies it on me and just says... 'here, have the rest of this' and proceeds to gut the fuck out of this tube of lipstick. he got a pretty good amount out and put it in a little container. words of advice: put the chunks of lipstick in the microwave and it will melt flat in the container, therefore being in the shape of a salve. i've been dipping my finger into it and using it, it's honestly a lot of lipstick. i've fallen in love with my tom ford rep.
the shade and illuminate is the most genius thing to have ever fallen into my hands. it's a contour and highlighter compact, as we all know by now, and it's the perfect shade of brown and pearly white. i literally thought about buying another one today even though i've only had mine for three weeks.
and since i got my free little sample of nude lipstick, something caught my eye. black orchid. i rubbed some on my hand and it was this perfect magenta color, although it looks scary right out of the tube. i'm not one for dark lipstick but i've been looking for the perfect purple for years now and here it is, in all its red-violet goodness.
i'll do a makeup post soon, since i'm so hyped up about this stuff. my clothes are boring. i'm in beauty blog mode.


  1. great story, best rep ever lol. ive been using the MAC shade and sculpt but its like pretty whatevers.

    1. the tom ford is so good, i highly recommend it. it has a hefty price tag but a little bit seems to go a long way! and if you're ever in dallas, tx at north park center, go to the neiman marcus tom ford counter and ask for russ. i love love love him.