diy ann demeulemeester spring/summer 2011 inspired dress, rick owens lilies asymmetrical stretch tulle moto jacket, azzedine alaïa printed pony hair pumps, paula dorf eye color glimmers in mercury, opi texas collection nail varnish in san tan-tonio

one stormy texas night, i just had this urge.. i have been gawking at this ann demeulemeester collection ever since it showed during the spring '11 paris fashion week. this would be the ultimate versatile from-the-art-gallery-to-the-club dress. the fabric is this super light, woven material. there is a snap closure shoulder strap and a huge zipper that runs down the entire shorter side of the dress. it simply slides on and zips up! easy access ;)
i got the rick owens jacket while on a trip to new york. it's a very soft stretch tulle, i could probably sleep in it (actually i have a few times) but likewise with all of rick's lilies collection. his fine rayon knits are to diiiiie for. he currently has this exact jacket out but in a fine knit rayon instead of stretch tulle that you can get your hands on at oaknyc.com.
on my lids, i used paula dorf's eye color glimmers in mercury. this color is discontinued now but it's this perfect silver-y taupe. 'day dream' seems to be the closest thing to it right now. it reminds me of chanel's fall 2011 makeup with an injection of a khaki spring feel. it's so easy to swipe on with my crease brush. i've also taken a habit of doing my hair the same way as well. it has become an obsession.

i've already worn this dress four times. i'm the worst repeat offender. i hope none of you see me in real life.


  1. Amazing...I really like your style...great shots!

  2. this outfit is stunning, the color of that dress is so gorgeous!

    Fashion Bag 411

  3. I love your style. This jacket is absolutely amazing!

    Following you! Love your blog.


  4. Anonymous11.5.11

    Rick Owens had me at hello. I still want to get an inspired leather jacket. I hear they're buttery soft and totally amazing... but I'll be living in Hawaii in less than a year, so it doesn't make sense to try to buy one.

    This Ann D inspired dress is fucking hot. You could be on the red carpet and then at a music lounge in 10 seconds flat.

    I dig.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  5. Mae, Rick's leather is amazing. You should get one! I'm sure winter in Hawaii would call for one ;)