After this show in San Antonio, the next day we drove to Dallas. I was driving so terribly because we were all fucked up from the night before and still goin' hard all day. He told me, "PAULINE you can't drive" and I traded seats with James so he could drive. I was sandwiched in the backseat of my car between Rashad and Phil, as Rashad was showing me some unreleased shit he made Phil was trying to holler at me. Rashad was always the mediator. He took care of everyone even when he couldn't take care of himself. Throughout the night in Dallas, he kept telling me that he didn't even like Phil anyway, which was comforting because Phil was trying to steal shit and cause fights the whole time. When we were apart and Rashad was staying with Rod, Rod told me that every time Rashad heard my name he would giggle because of the car ride to Dallas.
I was minding my own business in NYC at 285 Kent and I ran into Rashad again, this time he was with Manny, a total gentleman might I add. He had the biggest smile on his face and gave me a delightfully sweaty hug since he just finished his set - which I unfortunately missed the majority of. He leaned in and said "I'm shrooming Pauline!!!!". We laughed and talked shit, trying to call James back in SA just to scream into the speaker "WE'RE HERE WE MISS YOU" but it was so loud. Manny was trying to get me to dance on stage but I'm a shy gal and had to decline - especially since I wasn't as fucked up as they were. I called Rashad after the show was over but he was in outer space by that time.

I feel blessed to be one of the people who had the opportunity to light up his day and know his presence, which words cannot express.

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