So in my last post I was saying how it's too fucking hot out to take photos outside... Well, a crazy storm came in and now that it's over it's soooooo coooold!! I love it even though I had already busted out all the fans in anticipation of summer. Today I went outside and had a photo shoot without a single drop of sweat rolling down my face. It's a miracle.

On another note: I came to the realization that boyfriend jeans are just as unflattering to ones butt as mom jeans. WHY??? I just want my butt to look cute, ok??

These old ass Wangs are the closest you'll see me to that whole ugly slip on Birkenstock whatever sandals. I can't wait for that trend to die.

Vintage Leifsdottir wooly jacket, H&M satin camisole, Rag & Bone patchwork boyfriend jeans, Alexander Wang sandals, 10 Crosby bag.