Tom Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick // Helmut Lang Muscle Tee
Let's talk about clip in hair extensions! It's so fun to play around with long hair, especially without the damage microbead and glue extensions can cause.
I received some really nice quality human hair 18" platinum blonde ones (c/o Irresistible Me) that I toned to match my hair perfectly (not recommended for non professionals). They came wrapped in a sleek black package with replacement clips and a test extension so that you wouldn't have to unravel the whole set in case you were feeling unsure. It's a really clever idea actually, especially for people who have to tone or lift their extensions to match. In my case, having being lightened for 4ish years, my hair is very porous and tends to take toner unevenly without a filler. Knowing this and diving into toning the extensions, I found the hair to be quite healthy and took the toner smoothly. The weight of the clip ins are pretty spot on as well, they blend with my slightly grown out shoulder length (as you can see in my previous ootd posts and on instagram) lob seamlessly.
Plenty of people straighten their clip ins so they blend well but it's not my style so I opted for a messy look, which is more in tune with my DNA as well as the clip ins since they've got a really beautiful natural wave. Now I can reach my final form, which is something between Paako and Tokiko... not like there's really a difference between the two...

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