You know, those fall looks sent down the runway that aren't exactly practical for winter? Yeah, those don't come into existence until spring for me because Dallas doesn't acknowledge fall as a season, just as a couple days after an agonizing summer and before the lurid winter kicks in. However it's not so bad when you bookmark said looks for inspiration when mother nature does allow it.
So it took me this long to get through winter and into my fall-saved-for-spring arsenal of photos.
I actually hadn't given my spring wardrobe much thought being that I was getting prepared for an ice age, but I recently received a gift of a supple leather Prada midi skirt that snapped me back into reality. It's kind of huge (a 42, and I usually wear a 34...) but it was far too charming to just re-gift. I kept it as a trophy piece for a while, I had not been able to belt the skirt since all my waist belts are from ages ago when I had a 22" waist. Sigh, alas I was feeling old and fat, until I was blessed with another gift, a vintage snakeskin belt my friend had gotten in soho when he was super skinny. People are just throwing their shit at me at this point.
I always bypass midi skirts since I see myself as a short legged stump, but this one is A lined yet slim so it didn't add weight the way I thought it would. So what better way to wear my first midi? Wrapped up in a package of Prada goodness.
Minus the wet hair since it's still chilly.

On another note: I find it hilarious that the house's roof next to my window reflects on my walls. Ombre all over the place

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