Here I am in my natural habitat, the bedroom (or at least one side of it). I recently re-did my sitting area and now I'm always here. So much for having an office... But it's ultra cozy albeit a bit maximal but I have so much shit I don't ever want to part with. For example, my Irving Penn and Tilda Swinton in Comme Des Garçons photos which were in a box for a lifetime. Now I've made space for them, and it feels nice to have a bit of beauty around. My boyfriend is super minimal and hates anything on the walls except for TVs and shelves so this is truly MY side of the room.

And since its grossly hot outside, I'm doing some indoor blogging. 

T by Alexander Wang sheer asymmetrical tank, Balenciaga (also by Alexander Wang) Marble print trousers, Maison Martin Margiela plexiglass boots, Asos backpack, Aerie mesh and velour stars bra

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