Taking advantage of the few days of cold to bust out my new bb, this Acne Studios Eve coat. 

During Dallas's last cold front, I took the liberty of moving (almost) all my summer clothes into my storage closet and bringing out my winter clothes. Oh, how I've missed my winter clothes! I damn near forgot what I had so it was like vintage shopping through my own wardrobe.
As I'm putting up my coats, I realize that I don't own a black coat.
Seriously? Something so basic, something that every clothes hoarder should have at least one of and I don't have one. Clearly something is seriously wrong with this picture.
This then sparks hours of ignoring my boyfriend and online shopping. It wasn't even coat appropriate weather yet but I had to be prepared for whatever Dallas's psychopathic weather had to bring. 
Then, just in time for 50ºF weather, my coat gets delivered (although there was a lot of UPS drama involved). It's even more perfect than the photos showed, and the fit is oversized-ly perfect. I can have my chunky knit sweaters underneath and be able to still move my arms, unlike the other Acne coat I have... *side eye*

Acne Studios Eve coat
 Saint Laurent Diagonale clutch
Theysken's Theory Bannu muscle tee
Rag & Bone Ferrell lambskin legging 

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