SXSW '11

check me out on elle.com! shot by heidi jewell. excuse my fat bottom lip, i was having an allergic reaction to something awful in the hotel bed. ugh, such bad timing for an impromptu photo shoot.
(i was planning on wearing my stretch tulle rick owens jacket with this but i have learned not to wear nice things whilst getting drunk for an entire week, it always turns out bad)

being shot for stylesight.com

so far i've been to sxsw three years in a row. it's always been hilarious in the best and worst ways. i got to see ofwgtka, deerhunter, john maus, //tense//, and much much more (i may or may not have been too filled up on free drinks to remember). iheartcomix was ridiculous, as expected. they teamed up with fools gold and held the party at a closed down mall... it was really weird, but nonetheless fun (and sweaty) as hell. rachael ray's food at stubb's was top notch, also as expected! one of the two best meals i had that week. she had these jalapeño cheddar sliders with cream cheese, they were perfectly medium rare, tender, and simply mouth watering. and i give fader fort's pom blancos the best drink award, and perhaps the heaviest pour as well ;)
i got shot by elle and stylesight, still waiting for my stylesight photos to pop up! i'm sure you guys are sick of these mobile phone photos that ignacio takes..


  1. Love the look! so great cool and chic, Love the colour at the bottom of you hair. x I think the photo with the red sun glasses is awesome!. x

  2. your style is awesome! love your hair! :) x

  3. love the bodysuit with the diy wrap skirt. way hot. x


  4. ummm, can i please be as edgy as you? your style is inspiring me to be more bad ass, haha.
    i'm following you on bloglovin' now!

    btw, didn't notice your bottom lip, but i hope it gets better!

    Style Soufflé

  5. I love your hair, its so cool and you rock it soo well. just came across your blog and am now a follower

    check out mine and let me know what you think! maybe follow back even :)


  6. Anonymous24.3.11

    That skirt is major FTW. I've been dying over draping just like this, and you nail it every single time.

    Even more fucking brill is that you made it. I die.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  7. Cool Hair! Very Exotic!