.gifs by ignacio torres, styled by michael sanchez

the first .gif is actually from a video that ignacio is working on. he sent me a preview of it this morning and it's like if jay z's on to the next one had an illegitimate love child with any of gareth pugh's videos. it looks pretty good, i can't wait until he finishes it!
the skirt is actually a warm cream color and is draped so perfectly. the detail at the waist of the skirt looks like a fleur de lis! so subtly classic. i'm also loving the longer hemlines, that is one trend that i'm really starting to give in to this season. i love dressing lady-like and having contrasting hair and makeup; also because since i am so lazy with hair and makeup, this makes everything look like i actually put in some effort ;) oh, and the shoes! they are so gorgeous. the platform has a hand-painted effect and i'm so obsessed with. also, they're about five inches high aka the perfect height!!! anything beyond five inches sort of makes my proportions look weird.
one of these days, i'll make a real post... i promise. i'm making changes to my hair and i don't exactly want to post anything new until it's all done! building up some ~*suspense*~ over here.


  1. Anonymous9.3.11

    Can't wait to see details of the shoes and the skirt. I really, really want to see this up close.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. If you hover above where it says 'platform sandals' in the outfit description, there is a link to the shoes!

  3. saw the picture on chictopia so beautiful!!! Your new follower....

    Check out my blog (:


  4. Loving youy blog :) x