Three down, one to go. Milan took a hyper femme turn on their sixties mod aesthetic this season. Chiffon, pastels and furs galore. 


I could honestly care less about Karl's Fendi creations. Nothing caught my eye until I saw the glorious criss crossed panels of hair crafted by the ingenious Sam McKnight. He shows us geometric shapes and turns it into pure insanity. The ponytail, something we always thought of that paired with easiness becomes redefined into a carefully crafted art. This is something I have to try or else I'll die unhappy. 


Gucci was like a Stella McCartney/ChloƩ love child that had no place on the Gucci runway. This is not the Gucci girl who oozes sex appeal and wears mesh bras with mesh tops. No. What the fuck happened? Frida ought to make up her mind. With that being said, there was one look that caught my eye, with long pastel pink goat hair. It was the one faint hint of the Gucci aesthetic that slipped through. Like Tom for Gucci. A sexy suit with retardedly luxurious fur. This is the DNA I crave that Frida does not deliver.


Alexis's collection for Iceberg was reminiscent of Balenciaga's older days, perhaps it was the boots. Most likely it was the neoprene. However, the tailoring and the use of the fabric creates a newer feel. Baggy chunky knits bring us to present day and then takes us for a ride in a space ship as it becomes metallic and structured. These are definitely looks to try.


I have to say this isn't my favorite Miuccia has done, however it wasn't as bad as the rest of Milan. Sheer chiffon skirts were pretty and wearable but has been done to death at this point. With that being said, sheer chiffon fur trimmed dresses paired with printed underwear is fresh. As far as lingerie exposing clothing goes, it's been high waisted briefs for quite a while. No regular girl wears high waisted briefs that often or at all, so these low cut ones are realistic and sensual compared to the rest. It really gives the emotion of being in the bedroom, evoking seduction rather than sartorialism. 

photo credit style.com and vogue.fr

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