Ok, this is late. Incredibly, but to my defense I had veeeery little interest in New York fashion week. All these American designers have the same issue of copying each other like they all have slumber parties in which they trade their secrets for the upcoming shows. Extreme cocoon shaped everything, essentially. A cocoon coat is fantastic and totally channels Cristobal Balenciaga which is never a bad thing, however, overkill is real. Everywhere I looked there was a cocoon something-or-another. New York was such a bore. It left me craving simple, loose, languid shapes.

Suno FW14

Derek Lam

Structured on the top, fluid on the bottom. Not a bad ratio to try. These silhouettes were feminine without overdoing it, and that's what I loved about it. You can count on me taking hints from these two looks.

Hood by Air

HBA is about extremes. Most people think it's too insane for sensibility, but once you dissect the pieces it all comes together. Fur lined crop tops, half zipped leather coats, asymmetrical fur collars (very DVN) and extreme athletic wear with slacks? I have to say hands down this was the most interesting show at NYFW. The voguing at the finale was a definite plus. 

Helmut Lang

This collection made me realize how important nude leather pants and boots are right now. Seriously. The shoes are pretty Saint Laurent inspired, which I'm not completely mad at but Nicole and Michael need to get their inspiration elsewhere. I do like the huge fur sweater, square jacket, and drop shoulder coat but it's nothing to write home about. Just the nude pants and boots combo.

Narciso Rodriguez

Can I say I love-love this? Casual, easy shapes made superbly classy. This pleased the Lanvin girl in me, what she looks like on a day off. Who knew a tee shirt, slacks, and boots were so chic? I try to restrain from using 'chic' since it's such a generic word but shit, this is it. And again with the nude pants, it's perfect. I love the combo of white, black and blush nude in the last photo. Looks to try. 

 Proenza Schouler

The only look I cared about at Proenza, and mostly because Jack and Lazaro incorporated their earlier designs into the making of this dress. The masses of cocoon shapes made me cringe. I see Alexander Wang's influence but count me out. 

All photo credit Style.com, Proenza photo credit NYmag.com

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