I wish Paris fashion week was still this iconic. RIP.

Patiently awaiting Louis Vuitton.



Three down, one to go. Milan took a hyper femme turn on their sixties mod aesthetic this season. Chiffon, pastels and furs galore. 



Orlando Pita & Irving Penn



I was so relieved when London was next up on the roster and even more relieved that Milan is starting now.

Kate by Bruce Weber (my scan) 


Ok, this is late. Incredibly, but to my defense I had veeeery little interest in New York fashion week. All these American designers have the same issue of copying each other like they all have slumber parties in which they trade their secrets for the upcoming shows. Extreme cocoon shaped everything, essentially. A cocoon coat is fantastic and totally channels Cristobal Balenciaga which is never a bad thing, however, overkill is real. Everywhere I looked there was a cocoon something-or-another. New York was such a bore. It left me craving simple, loose, languid shapes.

Suno FW14



Re-re-re-starting this blog reminds me when I was just a young high schooler taking blog photos in the patio of my moms suburban apartment. NYFW was still interesting, Snejana Onopka was at the peak of her career, my DSLR was new, I was mixing American Apparel with high end pieces and being a total Givenchy goth girl at times (but of course it was before Tisci totally gave up). Nowadays, I'm blonde, 7 lbs heavier and American Apparel has been replaced with T by Alexander Wang... Not sure if any of those things are positive but it's happened and there's no turning back. The closest thing to turning back would be an ever so famous hashtag on Instagram... who wants to #TBT with me?


Got these babes a couple months ago. I also have a pair of very old mary jane Prada pumps that have this same silhouette but slimmer. I notice that Miuccia Prada tends to use the same shapes between her two lines, making them total classics in her houses. That's the great thing about her, she creates a solid identity. Season after season.

Thanks for recycling, Miuccia!